I had an idea to make a simulation which generates stars. Using my ‘getCirclePos()’ function, two radii – an inner and an outer one – and a number of points I realized the idea in this program.

How it works

\frac{360^\circ}{\text{number of points}} = \text{circle sector}
\frac{360^\circ}{\text{number of points} \cdot 2} = \text{shifted circle sector}

Using those to sectors – and alternating between the inner (shifted) and outer radius – the program connects the points and out comes a star shape.

How to use

  • ‘d’ toggles debug mode (gray circles)
  • ‘f’ toggles points being drawn (blue points at the corners)

The First Example The Second Example The Third Example

# Python 2.7.7 Code
# Pygame 1.9.1 (for Python 2.7.7)
# Jonathan Frech 24th of April, 2015

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