RGB Jallenge

This is a clone of The Great RGB Guessing Challenge.
The challenge works like this: You are presented three numbers ranging from 0 to 255 representing a rgb color and three color bubbles. To get a point you must choose the color bubble corresponding to the rgb values. The more points you get, the higher your score.


  • Click on the bubble to choose it

Choose the correct color. That was not it... Correct!

# Python 2.7.7 Code
# Pygame 1.9.1 (for Python 2.7.7)
# Jonathan Frech 8th of July, 2016

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Pinhole Photograph

Last sunday I posted an animated gif to celebrate the Worldwide Pinhole Day. On that day I also took pinhole photographs. My favourite, ‘Red Tulip’ can also be found on the official Worldwide Pinhole Day’s website.

Red TulipOther photographs I took include white flowers, the same tulip in another light and a yellow flower.

White Flowers Red Flower Yellow Flower

RGB Color Cube

Listing the red part on the x-axis, the green part on the y-axis and the blue part on the z-axis, this program displays all the 16777216¹ colors rgb can display.
The z-axis is shown over time, visually going through a cube of colors.

Blue = 0 Blue = 255 / 2 Blue = 255

¹0 to 255 color values for all three colors in rgb yields in 256^3 = 16777216 different colors.

# Python 2.7.7 Code
# Pygame 1.9.1 (for Python 2.7.7)
# Jonathan Frech 10th of February, 2016
#         edited 18th of March   , 2016

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