Happy new Year

Little pixel guy wishes you a happy 2016.

Happy 2016!

JClock II

This is an alternative clock design. Version two is even prettier to look at.
Instead of a few clock hands spinning their circles, every hour, minute, second and centisecond is represented as differently colored circles on four imagined circles around the center. That way you have a visualization by quantity, not by position.
This clock face would represent 21:46:42.

How to read the clock

  • 21 green circles
    • represents 21 hours
  • 46 teal circles
    • represents 46 minutes
  • 42 blue circles
    • represents 42 seconds
  • some white circles
    • represents centiseconds (one hundredth of a second, mainly for the look)
  • Current time: 21:46:42

# Python 2.7.7 Code
# Pygame 1.9.1 (for Python 2.7.7)
# Jonathan Frech 18th of May, 2015
#         edited 19th of May, 2015
#         edited 20th of May, 2015

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