Sierpinski TIrangle

Using the same method used in my previous Sierpinski Triangle program, which is written in Python, I wrote a fractal generator for my graphing calculator TI-84 Plus in BASIC.

Faintly visible Somewhat visible Strongly visible

"// TI-84 Plus BASIC Code"
"// Jonathan Frech 25th of April, 2016"
"//         edited 21st of May  , 2016"

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TI-99/4A Primes

Being a fan of old hardware, I used the TI-99/4A (released in 1981) to calculate some primes.
The code is written in BASIC, the programming language found on most computers of this era.
Further information on the TI can be found in this Wikipedia article.

TI-99 4A Start ScreenPrime ProgramTI-99 4A

1   REM TI-99/4A BASIC Code
2   REM Jonathan Frech 20th of May, 2016

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Connect Four

Using the programming features given on Texas Instruments’ graphing calculator TI-84 Plus, I created this text-base connect four game.
The code is written in BASIC and can be seen below.
To transfer code to and from the graphing calculator, I used Texas Instruments’ TI Connect™ CE Software.


  • Numbers 1 to 7 put your piece accordingly
  • ‘clear’ pauses the game (for taking screenshots)

X won! O won! That game ended in a draw...

"// TI-84 Plus BASIC Code"
"// Jonathan Frech  8th of May, 2016"
"//         edited 13th of May, 2016"

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