Halloween MMXVIII

Tiny droplet falls.
A bat’s screech echoes through the cave.
Flowstone grew again.


Conky Clock

For a few months now, I have been a vivid user of the ArchLabs distribution which — in a recent release — added the system monitor Conky to display various pieces of information such as uptime, CPU usage and UTC time.

However, Conky does not statically produce a wall of text and plops it on your desktop; it periodically updates itself as to be able to display time-dependent information.
Furthermore, it allows to be fully configured through a simple ~/.config/conky/ArchLabs.conkyrc file.

I wanted to display a useful time-dependent piece of information which does not require user interaction of any kind and found it — an analogue ASCII-art clock.

Conky Clock
Time smiley optional.

For installation, download conky_clock.py and add a ${exec python <chosen_path>/conky_clock.py} line to your conky configuration file.